Strategic Focus

Highland Avenue Capital employs a differentiated, "next generation" private equity strategy acquiring assets that have a strong, defensible offering but have not yet met their full potential.  Highland assists in unlocking that value (i.e. legacy/generational management changes, an evolving market/industry, growth challenges, etc.) by establishing world-class platforms with an emphasis on driving outsized growth.  We professionalize teams and processes, articulate and execute clear strategies, and dedicate significant resources for accretive "add-on" M&A.  

Operational Focus

Our principals have an operational rich heritage, and along with our operating partner network, we work to establish what we call an “SOP” plan (Sales, Operations, People) for each portfolio company that adheres to a regiment of key tenets where we have found success in the past. A large part of our philosophy is an accretive strategic acquisition model which requires a Platform needing a strong foundation to support add-ons from an operational perspective. We have found that typical “100 Day Plans” don’t achieve the desired outcome with lower middle market businesses so we look to implement our “SOP” plan over 180 days as follows:

  1. Sales & Marketing

    • We seek to identify the appropriate regional and global sales channels, key customers, and the new customer acquisition targets and pipeline

    • We will immediately begin to identify new sales channels/end markets and add key sales roles

    • We believe in augmenting and building, not disrupting, and believe that spending resources on this function pays dividends

  2. Operations 

    • From purchasing/supply chain to operational planning, we immediately begin to establish a metric driven continuous process improvement/enhancement plan that focuses on people and implementation

    • We also believe that we can play an outsized role in bolstering the finance function, establishing a foundation for improvement

  3. People

    • From sales pipeline to driving a strategic plan, we will work with leadership to build a foundation that will allow for future growth and help implement our add-on acquisition strategy

    • We believe adding the right resources in the first 180 days is crucial to the success of the platform

    • A large part of our vision in a new platform is an accretive acquisition strategy, but in order to successfully integrate a new acquisition a solid platform needs to be established. People are the key to this strategy 

Investment Criteria

  • Controlling interests in mature, stable businesses from corporate, private, and family sellers

  • Businesses between $30m - $150m of TEV (total enterprise value)

  • Businesses between $7m - $15m of EBITDA for platform deals and >$1m for add-on investments

Sector Focus

Highland's investment and operating professionals have amassed impressive resumes through investments and C-suite roles in blue chip and middle market businesses resulting in expertise across several verticals. 

BUSINESS SERVICES in selected verticals:

healthcare SERVICES






transportation & logistics